Living Well in Denver

Because Denver, Colorado has four distinct seasons, there’s always something you can do there. That includes getting exercise and staying healthy, too. If you’re looking for a place with plenty of outdoor activities all year round, Denver might just be the place to go. Of course it’s a bit chilly in the winter because Denver gets lots of snow, but that means you can ski, snowboard, ride snowmobiles, or just play outside with your kids making snowmen and having snowball fights in the park. Those are all great ways to get your exercise and take the time to explore the beauty of nature. It doesn’t have to be hot outside to have some fun.

Most people who live in Denver are already well adapted to the colder climate, of course, and new arrivals usually have to go through an adjustment period unless they moved from an area where there was a lot of snow and ice in the winter. If they came from a desert or tropical climate, Denver might be a real shock to them. Almost everyone can adjust and live well — and quite happily — in the mile-high city. If you’re one of the people who just moved to Denver and who isn’t sure how to handle it, there are people who can help you.

Make some friends in your neighborhood, at the gym, where you work, or at the schools your children attend. If you can get to know people who’ve been there a while and who live healthy lifestyles, you’ll have a lot better chance of learning about all kinds of great things you can be doing no matter what the weather is like. The Internet is also a great place to network with other people from Denver so you can make friends who have the same interests as you do.rnrn

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